Tips for selling hostel search paid packages

Firstly Love what you're doing when you're selling
You should be full of enthusiasm and self motivated
Be knowledgeable about the product means you should have complete knowledge about the packages, feature of each and every packages.
Ensure that the hostel search package has been adequately explained
Ensure that the benefits of the product are made loud and clear
When selling a product one-on-one to a prospect, translating the information to benefits is even more important than the information required
Should have good convincing power

Answer OF Common Questions asked by hostel owner
Why I need to advertise my hostel in any website?

Advertising in our website help you to reach thousand of hostel seeker using internet.

What is benefit of advertising my hostel?

Because that will help you to expose your hostel all over world through web you will get the benefit of internet marketing and help you to get genuine response, build brand.

I have already advertised in classified websites but not get any response so why should I go for further advertisement?

Because in our website we give complete details of hostel not only contact no.,addresse of hostel but details like facilities ,overview, room details, status of availability of rooms , photo ,video, map which any individual require before selecting any hostel. And these complete detailing help seeker to contact you soon

Tell be about your websites how it is different from other?

This website whose main motive is to solve accommodation problem it helps to hostel seeker to find right hostel and for hostel owner genuine response from hostel seeker.

What is surety that I will get response?

Web site comes in first pages of any search engines, as we regularly work on SEO anybody who is look for the accommodation their search will redirect them to our website and through it they will details of hostel.

I don’t need any advertisement my hostel is working very well?

It will help you to achieve better rent as compare to other hostels because you will get more demand.

How do I get popular by giving advertisement?

Today everybody before purchasing any goods or service do a study or search about it in internet and any individual who are looking for accommodation search it on web and get easy access to our website which provide detailing of your hostel.

I don’t use computer I have no knowledge about this so how will I work on it?

You don’t need to worry because all the detail will be filled by us in website and we will provide you login ID and Password.

I don’t understand English so is there any facility to get information in regional language?

Yes in website we have provided information in regional languages

Rates are high is there any discount or concession?

No, because we assure complete satisfaction of our customer and for that we are providing many feature like complete room detailing ,map ,photo, guaranteed leads, more than thousands hits, after service .

In short benefits of listing you can tell are as follows :-

Generate more income by exposing your hostel all over India.
Reach thousand of hostel seeker using internet as in present age everything is going E- then why not hostels.
Effective brand building of hostels.
Gain trust of hostel seeker.
Get genuine response.
Hostelsearch.in will be your publicity agent through web.
Advertisement of hostel will live 24*7 & 365 days in a year in reasonable price.