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This is a program for anybody looking for an additional income and for those who wish to make it big as an entrepreneur.


Hostelsearch.in is a website that is dedicated to solve the rental and accommodation problem in India.
Hostelsearch.in is a hostel finding, renting, reviewing service. The web portal has already made its name among the various websites present on the web.
It is the in-house developed project of Daffodil Technologies (I)Pvt Ltd. ,Bhopal.
We provide complete detailing of hostels in Hostelsearch.in

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WHY TO BE A RESELLER OF Hostelsearch.in ?

To live your entrepreneurial dream
For making your own network and building contacts
To be associated with a Innovative brand like Hostelsearch.in
To be your own boss
More hard work more money


Anybody who are looking for smart earning whether it could be A College student looking for some pocket money.
A homemaker looking to make betteruse of your valuable time.
A full time professional looking for an additional income .
An insurance Agent looking to make valuable Contacts.
We have the key to the door of yourDreams.


No. Details Amt. in Rupees
1 * Hostel Name 3
2 Photo (1 front view) 5
3 Video 4
4 * Facilities 5
5 * Address(Include city name) 4
6 * Contact Person Name 3
7 * Landline Numbers 3
8 * Mobile Numbers 4
9 * Email Id 3
10 * Room Details 6
Total 40

 * Star highlighted field are MANDATORY for considering as listing details of any hostel without these details listing will not countable.


Picture above than 1 will provide you Rs 2 per picture
(Photo in Jpeg / gif / bmp /jpg format. (File Size - max 200 kb per photo)

Penalty - If any of the fields above carry incorrect information Payout value for the field with incorrect information will be deducted respectively.

 Bonus - If more than 95% of audited data of hostel is correct in all respect for the fields filled in, then You get 20% bonus on Rs.40/-(i.e. Rs. 48/-).

Bonus - If 100% of audited data of hostel is correct in all respect for the fields filled in, then you get 25% bonus on Rs.40/-.(Rs. 50 /-)

Penalty - If less than 75% of hostel data provided by the reseller is incorrect Hostel gets rejected. No commission. Then hostel will delete by Hostelsearch.in and Reseller can correct and Resubmit the details.


On every data provided by you to Hostelsearch.in you can get paid up to Rs.50/ Any hostel/ accommodation for rent /pg for rent information which is not there in the hostel search records.
Example – If you give 15 leads to hostel search per day. Considering that you work for 25 days.
Total data you would have given – 375 no's (monthly)
At the rate of Rs.35/- per data (Average amt taken)
YOU EARN - Rs.13125/- per month for 375 hostels.
In a year - YOU EARN - Rs.1, 57,500 only, with this minimum effort


Every Paid Listing of hostel costs minimum Rs.5000/- for Year which is the Registration fees. (Service tax of 10.3% applicable) Hostel Search pays commission of 20% of all Registration fees to the Reseller.
Consider 8% of the above 375customer's database that you have provided, advertise with hostel search through Paid Listing.
Example- Find your earnings below –
8% of the customers from Data base – 30 Clients advertise in Paid Listing
You EARN Rs.30000/- per month as you get 20% of the Registration amount and in a year Rs. 3,60,000

Earning in a Year

No. Details Amt. in Rupees
1 Database Rs. 1, 57,500 /-
2 Paid Listing Rs. 3, 60,000 /-
Total Earnings Rs. 5, 17,500 /-

Document for Verification

10th Mark sheet  12 Mark sheet Graduation Mark sheet
Post graduation Mark-sheet Addresse Proof & Recent Photograph ID Proof (any)    a. Pan Card  b. Driving license c. Voter Id

All the document mentioned above are required in a scanned copy for verification.
All attachment should me mail in email id reseller.hostel@gmail.com compose new mail and attach all documents in it . In subject line mention your name & reseller offer.
Without any registration charges /enrollment charges you can start working with us.
This is a serious business opportunity. We want serious and committed people to take this up.
We shall be providing complete information, Process of working, how to approach hostel owner /pg owner, plus direct support to help our Resellers achieve their goals.
It’s like a zero investment for starting a business.
A drive to make additional income.
Qualification is not a barrier.
You can operate from any part of India.

Reseller assistance

Products knowledge, including updates on new products and features.
Marketing support
Provide you with PPT to give presentation in hostels and facts and figure to convince the hostel owner.
Guidelines will be provided how to convince for paid listing.
Guidelines throughout will be provided

Target Market

We are looking for Reseller in metro cites because in initial stage we have targeted only 2-3 cities of M.P. and got a very good positive response so we are looking forward for expansion and to utilize potential of this untouched area.
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai
  Note : There are no restriction in other cities reseller can work in cities where large no. of hostel/Pg are available but confirmation is mandatory from Hostelsearch.in before you start working on any cities not mentioned here.


No Setup Fee
No Monthly Fee
No Minimum Commitments
Simple Joining process
Provided with Complete assistance
Hostel search is getting Early entry advantage.

Contact Us

Deepak Mishra
Tel : +91 92000 08900
Email id : reseller.hostel@gmail.com
Website : www.hostelsearch.in