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Benefits of Listing

Add Photos, Facilities, Video and Much More
You can add photos, videos, facilities to your property listings

Find Tenants
You can search tenants suitable to your property

Advertise for 15 days / 30 days / Run till it rents
Unlike print classifieds you can promote your property for 15days / 30 days / Run till it rents

Effectively Advertise your Property in an online Marketplace
Unlike 4 or 5 line print classified, you can have a one full web page for your rental property.

Global Exposure
Unlike print classifieds covers only one city - with us you can gain global exposure to your rental property - let seekers / tenants find your property from any corner of the world

Value-added support every step of the way
Our commitment does not end once you have joined HostelSearch.in. We have dedicated teams to offer customer service and technology throughout your time with HostelSearch.in.

Room Booking (Coming Soon!)

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Finally Your Hostel is Added and You Can View Your Hostel by clicking the link of the Hostel

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[Note: It normally takes a maximum 28 Hours for us to review and list your Hostel]