What is the Hostelsearch.in Reseller program?

This is a program for anybody looking for an additional income and for those who wish to make it big as an entrepreneur.

Who can sign up?

Anyone who has the drive to make it big can sign up as Reseller. You may be already working, a student, a home-maker or a business man – this business is for all

Why should I become a hostel search Reseller?

Any individual with minimal business acumen can earn more than Rs. 5 lakhs per annum and the residual income possibilities from this business are immense. Become a Reseller:

What is required of me?

Determination and hard work plus some dedicated time for this project.

Do I have to pay any money to join as a Reseller?

There are no registration fees only you need to provide some verification documents because this is a serious business opportunity we want serious and committed people to take this up. We shall be providing training; training kits plus support to help our Reseller's achieve their goal, hence after complete verification of candidate is done he can soon start working.

How can I earn money?

You can earn money by providing hostel data and you can also earn through paid listing by selling different packages to same customer or different.

What can I earn from joining as a Reseller?

You earn up to Rs 50/- for every hostel/pg/accommodation data collected and entered by you in our Database and 20% of packages you sell to owner’s i.e min Rs 1000 per paid listing.

What are the kinds of data that will not be entertained or rejected by Hostelsearch.in?

Any hostel listing which has incorrect information will be rejected. Any data / record which is submitted by a Reseller that do not have any one of the following details like hostel Name, Address, Contact number or room details will get rejected. It is very important for a Reseller to ensure every field is entered after thorough checks and validations.

Is there any proof to be provided to Hostelsearch.in for authenticity of data?

Yes, hostel search reserves the right to upload any data or reject any data. At any point of time hostel search and its Officers can ask for submission of proof like the visiting card of hostel or verified through directly contacting hostels to ensure that you have personally tried to take the information from the respective hostel/Pg.

How is the accuracy of the data through Data Collection provided by me checked by hostel search?

Our Database team will take 20% of the data (on a random basis) provided by the Reseller and do a tele calling exercise to check the authenticity of data. The calls will be made directly to the number provided against each Business listing.
Reseller’s need to ensure that every data entered in every field in the Data Collection module need to be accurate, if an information in a field is wrong, then a negative amount equivalent to the value of the field will be deducted from the overall commission based on the accuracy percentage of the batch. For example – if the field value for mobile number in case is accurate is Rs.3/-, in case the mobile number is incorrect the field value will be minus Rs.3/-.

What is Paid Listing?

It is packages of hostel providing various facilities and benefits to hostel owner which is valid for one year. As shown in figure feature of hostel paid package of Rs 5000 and 8000.

Who can I sell or promote paid Listing to?

Any hostel/pg that is not on paid listing in the hostel search website is eligible to be prospected for paid Listing.

How many days does it take for the listing of the Client, accepted through Paid listing package, take to get featured in the website?

It takes around 4 to 5 working days for the Listing to be viewed in the website.

Are there any targets?

Resellers' earnings are commission based. Your earnings are directly linked to your efforts. The more clients you sign up & the more fresh data you collect & enter, the more you earn.

How will I be paid?

Your earnings will be transferred online to your Bank account. When registering as a Reseller, you will be asked to provide your Bank account details.

What help will hostel search provide? Hostel search will provide:

a. Online Training modules to help equip you with the product knowledge.
b. Downloads to help you sell better.
c. A virtual office for all transactions through our website, www.hostelsearch.in

What qualifications are required of me to be a Reseller?

There is no as such qualification required. However, you have to be legally eligible to work, i.e. over 18 years of age and should be 12 th pass

What kind of photos is accepted by hostel search for Uploading through data entry?

1. Photos of the hostel Front view.
2. Photos from the Inside of the hostel/room showing its facilities.

What are reasons for hostel search to reject my photos uploaded into the website?

1. Only the photograph of the hostel sign board is uploaded
2. Same images for two hostels will not be approved
3. No objectionable content to be included as a photo/image
4. Note, blurred or bad quality images will not be accepted

Can I earn money if I provide additional information on the existing data in Hostelsearch.in?

Yes, you can add the missing fields in a company whose data is already with Hostelsearch.in and we will pay you for the blank fields that you have filled or incorrect details that have been corrected by you according to the value of that particular field.

How many days does it take for the listing of the Client, accepted through Paid listing package, take to get featured in the website?

It takes around 4 to 5 working days for the Listing to be viewed in the website.

Is there a restriction on the area/city that I can work in?

We mainly require reseller in Hyderabad,Bangalore,Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai but there are no restriction in other cities reseller can work in cities where large no. of hostel/Pg are available but confirmation is mandatory from Hostelsearch.in before you start working on any cities not mentioned here.

Do I need to provide any documents?

Yes you need to send scanned and self- attested document for verification in reseller.hostel@gmail.com 1. 10th Mark sheet,
2. 12 Mark sheet
3. Graduation Mark sheet
4. Post graduation Mark-sheet
5. Address Proof
6. Photograph
7. ID Proof (any) a. Pan Card b. Driving license c. Voter Id

When will I be paid for my data contribution?

Payment will be made on the end of month. For example -you have worked for the month of July than you will get payment in august within 7 days between1-7 august.

How do I start?

We will provide you account with login ID and Password through which you can log in Hostelsearch.in and all data step by step as already defined you have to enter through this account and after verification data will display on website after 24 hours.

Can I edit existing data of Hostelsearch.in?

No, it’s a right of admin to edit existing data but you can provide detail in email Id reseller.hostel@gmail.com whose payment will be added in your account.

How to collect payments from the clients?

You can sign up Hostel/PG owner for Paid Listing using the payment gateway on our Website, www.hostelsearch.in OR Reseller can collect payment through Cheque /DD in the Favor of “Daffodil Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Whom do I contact if I have more doubts?

You need to contact your Coordinator who helped you to join as a Reseller. You can contact your Coordinator for any business needs, in case of any technical issues or any support on the business, you can call us on 9200096000

What do I do if I forget my password of my Reseller Account?

All that you have to do is click on forgot password. The system will ask you to type your registered email ID. And say Submit. Instantly a new password will be sent to your email ID. This is an automated process.